Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alice + Olivia

When I viewed this Alice + Olivia presentation,  
I was simply in awe of the super chic and super classy ensembles.

This photoshoot also is just perfect ....
with its stark white and black background with subtle hints of colour

It makes the clothes stand out really well.

What i liked most about it is that almost all garments are wearable
I can see myself wearing something like that 
(If only I could afford it ......sigh !!!)

Click here to view the entire collection

Which ones are your favourite???
Lemme know....

Photographs courtesy- Alice + Olivia


  1. Gorgeous collection... My fave? I dunno... hard to choose... But I think I'd have to say the gold dress with black stripes...
    Great post...


  2. That one's my favourite too...
    Ha Ha ..what are the odds...