Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purple and Green Obsession...

Purple is a colour I wear quite often....
It is one colour that I always end up picking when I put my hand in my closet

Purple combined with green ....is fireworks for me!!!
It is one of those made for each other kind of colours that I truly adore

So, when I stepped into the mall wearing my purple boho dress and spotted this lush green wall,
I was simply drawn towards it

And the result, 
Me looking goofy....couldn't keep my hands off the wall 
Like my right hand just got stuck to the wall

My look is a simple Purple and Black one 
where I matched my dress and bag (Purple)
and Stockings and Pumps (Black)

I kept my hairdo simple with a side braid to go with the whole boho feel

Boho Print dress- Angie
Mesh Cardigan- Colaba Causeway
Stockings- Le Bejou
Black velvet pumps- Bata
Purple Maxi Bag- Red One
Earrings + Cuff- Ebay
Big dial watch- Aldo
Spring band- Twisted



  1. Awesome. Purple and green , indeed, are fireworks for you. Smashing post. and gorgeous you :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet words...stay tuned...

  2. love the purple color. beautiful. following you. follow back. :)