Friday, February 17, 2012

Colourful Candies..Colourful Me !!!

I have always had a special relationship with Sunday brunches...
So, last Sunday was definitely special 
 more so because it was spent at Candies...One of my favourite eateries in Mumbai.
Im in love with the ambience of this place's just so comforting !!!

Check out the candies glow sign with themed names for each level

I highly recommend it for it's awesome food ...colourful ambience and  the feel good feeling that you are sure to get once you are there

To stay in tune with this wonderful place, I decided to go colourful with comfy clothes
I was lucky to spot this super fun crop top at one of the street side markets at Colaba
and these perfect pair of yellow pumps
 which my sister bought for just 99 bucks..(on sale...obviously!!!!)

Also, Sunday was my first day out with my electric blue satchel that you have already seen here

Which colours do you prefer ???

The sun was shining bright all it when the morning sun falls on my face

Fuschia crop top + Electric Blue satchel- Colaba Causeway
White tank top- Jockey
Skinny jeans- Lee
Yellow canvas pumps- Ginger by Lifestyle

....Love..Hugs & Kisses...S


  1. That bag is a lovely color, I think. And that little sweater is cute as well. And I like those shoes, Anything with an ankle strap seems to appeal to me. hahaha.

    1. Electric blue (Satchel)is my hot favourite colour this season...
      Im glad u liked my crop top and pumps..
      Stay tuned...
      Luv ..Luck ...Cheers..S