Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bowl of Goodness....

We all know how important breakfast is.....
So why not make it fun to look and yummy to eat

I love Muesli..simply because its crunchy ..wholesome..and easy to eat
However only Muesli and milk can get boring at times
So I added a little bit of color and a whole lot of goodness into my favourite breakfast

All you need is:

Some Muesli

A whole lot of colorful fruits
I added apples..grapes..bananas and musk melon
(You can add any of fruits of your choice)

A dollop or two of ice-cream 
you can use whipped-cream too
Also add about half a cup of milk to it

A tablespoon of your favourite syrup
I used a mixed berry syrup

Top it off with some chocolate sprinkles
And..there you go

A super-yummy, healthy and filling breakfast is ready to bite into

Also, always remember to serve your breakfast in cute bowls or serving dishes..
It adds to the visual appeal
(In this case my favourite zebra bowl and bright red soup spoon)
and makes the whole meal even more appetizing