Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY -Project Metallic Clutch Makeover...

My very first "Do it Yourself" tutorial !!!

Does it happen to you too that when you really like something it always ends up being highly overpriced and totally out of your budget

Well it happens to me quite often...
Like this one time I fell in love with this metallic clutch with chain detailing, but buying it would have burned a huge hole in my pocket

So being the smartass that I am...
I decided to recreate my own version of the metallic chain clutch

Here's how to do it:

I got this clutch complimentary with all the Maybelline cosmetics that my sister purchased

It was made up of this beautiful shimmery satin fabric but was too plain for my liking
So..I decided to spice it up a little

All you need is:

Follow these simple steps..its really easy

You can double up the sling chain from the clutch like I have
Or simply leave it long and use it like a sling bag  

Isn't it simply gorgeous!!!

What do you think about it??
I would love to hear your views on this DIY project..



  1. Looks really cute now, nice diy :)

  2. simply but perfect, i really love this diy!
    nice to meet your blog!


  3. Lovely DIY!! Very creative.

  4. wow.... I think its fantastic!
    i love DIY... it shows a person creativity! thank you for your lovely comment on my post.

  5. What an amazing Tutorial, I LOVE clutches! Thanks for following, ill reciprocate :)


  6. cool DIY! love the outcome!


  7. omg! it's super perfect. how creative are you!? fashionista :)

  8. I love DIY, it's the best option sometimes to have what you want.
    I'm following you, hope you'll like my blog and follow back :)