Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY- Boho style T-shirt weaving ....

Haven't you always craved for a Bohemian...hippie -style top !!!

Well..I am a huge fan of all things bohemian
So, this DIY was something that came naturally to me..

Hope you enjoy this project
Do send me pics of the ones made by you ...I would love to see what you have created !!

All you need is:

A hippe-style top or tunic or can use this technique on any knitted garment
I am using a tie-dyed top here to add to the  whole feel of it...
Hold your garment in the side view position

I have cut the slits at a distance of 1 inch

This step is very important...otherwise it wont look the same
So do not forget it !!!

These steps are pretty simple and fun once you get the hang of it

Last step...tying the knot...

Here's me flaunting my super-awesome creation !!!