Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 different styles 1 simple skirt

While I was on a mission to find something different and versatile,
I stumbled upon this masterpiece of a skirt

From the ancient Arabian Kingdom the fabric ....and the length,
I loved everything about this Nine West skirt

See how one can transform a simple drawstring skirt into 5 different outfits

1. Basic top and skirt style 

2. As an Empire line dress

3. As a high yoke dress

4. As a one-shoulder tunic

5. And finally as a halter tunic
(This one came out all blurry..however the tunic looks good and that's all that matters)

Black top- Banana Republic
Arabian Kingdom print skirt- Nine West
All antique accessories- Ebay
Jute Slippers- Flea market

Photographs courtesy- Sneha Singla
(Thanks a ton babes....this couldn't have been possible without you)


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  1. This actually came out soo
    I had a gr8 tym too sweets.. :D :* <3