Friday, December 23, 2011

Think Pink !!!!

These days I'm somehow hooked on to pink
in all its hues from fuschia

I especially adore the colour pink as it gets reflected on the skin giving it a nice peachy pink glow

Also, a combination I've been playing a lot lately with.....
Pink + Gold = Hit the Jackpot

A lot of people either totally hate pink .......or just love it like "ME"
Which camp do you belong to???

Check out the latest addition to my rings collection...
The Angel wings ring..Pretty, ain't it !!!!

My shimmery gold strappy stilettoes

Peachy pink tunic- Bangkok (A gift from Shezeen)
Blush pink opaque stockings-Le Bejou
Oval antique ring + Angel wings ring + Pearl necklace worn as bracelet- EBay
Inter-twined bangles- Thrift shop
Gold shimmer clutch- Celebrations
Gold strappy stilettoes- Catwalk

Photographs courtesy- Sneha Singla



  1. Love the photographs and YOU!!! You have done well darling!!!

  2. Great photos. I like to tell you that I have an amazing giveaway in colaboration with Hermes on