Friday, December 9, 2011

Sporting the Winter look

When the days start getting shorter and nights longer,
you need something that'll have the same striking effect all day long

Going from dawn to dusk with the same amount of oomph will require you to put in some amount of thought into what you wear

Layering is a sure-shot trend to get through the day in style....

You can dressup or dress-down according to the time of the day
check out my look and get inspired......

For the day you can do away with the jacket if you wish to

This is one of my favourite rings....totally in love with butterflies and flowers
Also, notice the cute heart pendant which is simple yet chic

Another flower ring....
What can i say.....I'm obsessed !!!

Bling is "IN"....and what better way to flaunt it than this big round dial Aldo watch
(P.S- It comes with 5 inter-changeable straps)

Stars are the next hot in this case studded on my faux leather cuff

My beloved booties... <3

Striped Tunic- Flea Maket
Black Jacket- Cambrigdge
Black Opaque Stockings- Le' Bejou
Heart necklace + Flower ring + Butterfly in the garden ring- Ebay
White Starry Cuff- Ebay
Bling Watch- Aldo
Black Suede Booties- Catwalk

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