Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gearing up for the Winter...

The first chills of winter are here...and don't we all love this pleasant least I do.
Especially here in Mumbai it's a refreshing break from the heat.

Seasons change from time to time.....
And just like the seasons, our wardrobe needs to undergo a transformation too
The change dosen't need to be drastic, just mix and match the right things and invest in a few things that are classics or one of a kind and you're gonna be set for the season

5 Tips for stepping out in style this winter:-

1. Add a range of dark colours to your wardrobe (such as deeper shades of Navy, Olive, Purple, Reds, Brown, Charcoal, etc.)  as it gives a feeling of warmth. 
Invest in a good Jacket or "ALWAYS" comes handy.

This band style jacket is my hot favourite and a style to look out for....

 Denim jackets are a wardrobe essential ...
You can decide the kind of jacket depending on your personal taste

 An evening cover-up like the one above can be worn over dresses or skinny jeans for a classy chic look
 Hooded cardigans in neutral colours can be teamed with opaque stockings or denims and boots for a comfortable casual ensemble.

2. A hot trend this winter are the "opaque stockings"....which are thicker than the regular stockings and can be worn during the day or evening without looking tacky. 
They come in a whole range of colours..(Grey and Black are a must have). 
You can source them from Le' Bejou at Hill Road, Opposite Globus, Bandra.

3. Accessorize with a lot of  scarves and stoles which look stylish and have utility as well

4. For footwear, choose from a wide range of ballerinas, booties, moccasins which are easily available  

5. Go for chunky watches, cuffs, charm bracelets and statement rings to complete your look for this winter


Do you think these tips were helpful.??..
Do write in to me with your views  and suggestions

Have a Happy and Stylish Winter....

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