Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All for Fashion....

Fashion may be beautiful, trendy and chic...
But, it may not always be comfortable.

Many a times people move out of their comfort zones and adopt trends just because
it is in vogue and  looks real nice on models
or because they see some celebrity promoting it.
Indulging in this practise is not wrong...you just need to do it the right way.

And the right way is...... 
to know your body type and have a clear understanding of what looks good on you and what dosen't

For me comfort plays a key role in dressing up for any occasion.
If I don't feel comfortable and confident in a particular garment, I prefer not to wear it,
no matter how much in trend it may be !!!

An outfit can be simple like this pair of black baggy pants and tank top 
but you can jazz it up by adding the right kind of accessories

Like in this case, my all brown and dull gold necklace, bangles, rings and sling bag

I have a thing for huge statement rings.....just can't resist them !!!

Black Tank top and Baggy Pants- Thrift shop
Leather and metal necklace w/wood and key pendant -Ebay
Statement rings and Heart and Key Charm safety pin broach- Ebay
Set of 5 tribal bangles + Antique Hair pin- Ebay
Brown Suede sling bag- handmade by Saloni Dubey
Multi colour slip ons- La Judi

For super-stylish accessories check out the uber cool website www.ebay.com
Thank you sweet sista Suhani for buying all the pretty accessories for me <3

Photographs Courtesy- Varsha Punwani

XOXO.... S

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  1. You getter better with every post I see! And so does Varsha... Maybe she should start a photography blog!!!