Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feminine and how !!!

Nothing spells feminity as loud and clear as.....
Lace, Florals and the colour "Pink"

And when these three elements are combined in one look
Even angels will feel shy

So, when I felt like getting in touch with my feminine side,
I decided to go with this look

What is your idea of a feminine look???

Super-cute floral charms sling bag from one of my exhibitions (with Shezeen, Priyal & Manshi)..
now owned by Nikita Singla

Lace top w/pink trimming- Designed by "ME"
White tank top- Jockey
Ice blue shorts- A gift from Manshi Doshi
Floral Charms sling bag- Now owned by Nikita Singla
Rope bracelet+Aqua ring+Flower Ring- Ebay
Telephone cord band- Twisted
Beads- A gift from Sneha Singla
Blue kitten heels- Bangkok
Hot pink nail polish- Nail Juice



  1. wow! that's truly a gorgeous, feminine look!! could you do a hair tutorial, love the way your hair stands at your crown. mine always falls flat! loved everything about the look fab

  2. @Coral Crue...thnx for all the lovely compliments..
    my hair just has a life of its own, use a good conditioner like L'Occitane or Garnier Fructis.. it'll give ur hair that extra volume and bounce...

  3. thanks for the tips, will definitely try it out :)