Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bubblegum Ice-cream Cravings.....

Love it when my day ends like today...
with a jumbo scoop of my favourite Bubblegum Ice-cream 
that too in choco-nuts coated waffle cone..

The ice-cream shop is just walking distance from my house
so didn't really feel the need to dress up at midnight

I just threw on my biker style quilted jacket over home clothes and headed to my comfort zone..
I'm quite liking my messy rolled up hair and jacket look
think I should sport it more often....

 P.S- These huge ugly hand are not mine...

Shiny black jacket- LEE
Grey tunic- Street side market

Photographs Courtesy- Altaf Shaikh



  1. Love, love, and love the jacket!

  2. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue...The ice-cream was heavenly..the yummiest of them all

    @Henna Bagga...Hee Hee..I love it too ...and the best part is that I got it for free thanks to a gift voucher courtesy Lee.