Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Comfy style...

While browsing through my Blackberry, 
I happened to stumble upon these pictures clicked a few months ago
when I was out shopping with friends
I chose a comfy look comprising of a basic tee...ripped denims that you have seen here and flip flops
The only accessory I was wearing was my chunky watch

Inspite of the unkempt hair and absence of any traces of make-up,
I quite like these pictures

What would you wear for a casual day out !!!

Chest thumper tee- LEE
Skinny Jeans- LEE (Ripped by "ME")
Chunky watch- Giordano
Polka dotted flip flops- Roxy


  1. did you rip your jeans by yourself?! how do you do that! i always wanted to do it one of my favourite jeans that got ripped by the knees cause i dont want to throw them away lol

  2. thanks for the comment doll. Not sure where you added me...but thank you for stopping by =)

  3. @Jay Dee...its very simple ..all you need is some chalk..scissors and pumice stone or foot scraper...
    I'm planning on doing a DIY on it very soon
    So stay tuned in...

    @Renvie Rulloda...Im following you on bloglovin'

  4. love you're jeans!!! <3