Monday, January 16, 2012

White and Blue day ....


My super-cute white frames finally arrived from Ebay a few days back...
And, I just couldn't wait to put up a post on it
Aren't they the most adorable spectacles ever ...!!!

An all white and blue outfit is what I chose for this look
I am pretty happy with the outcome
The white in the outfit compliments my glasses
and the printed blue tee and pumps adds the required quirk to this look

  I have been overdosing on the colour blue lately...
Cant help it.....I'm just drawn towards it !!!

 A messy bun is what I feel most comfortable in
Its the coolest hairdo of all times !!!

Printed Tee- Italia
White Shorts- Gifted
Canvas pumps- North Star
White frames + Star studded cuff + Kiss necklace- Ebay
Polka dotted scrunchie- Beauty Center

Photographs Courtesy- Suhani Dubey



  1. @Cherry it at a throwaway price from Ebay
    I got it delivered to my doorstep for less than a dollar
    How cool is that !!!