Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neon by the beach....

A day by the beach ...on the rocks
(pun intended)
is all you need to relax your senses from the fast paced city life

So, when an impromptu plan for a picnic at Alibaug came up
how could I possibly resist

We visited Varsoli beach which was simply beautiful
with all the water...sand..coconut trees..water sports..
and local home-cooked seafood (which by the way was super-scrumptious)
All in all it was a day well spent !!!

I sported the "Neon" look today
that has become quite the trend lately, 
by pairing my neon pink pleated shorts (which I had stitched for one of my college assignments)
with a simple tee...flip flops and beads

Ohh..and not to forget my latest buy...the ultra cute neon yellow Peace smiley tote bag !!!
do you guys like it ???

 Isn't this the most adorable hair pin ever...!!!

Neon Pink pleated shorts- Designed by "ME"
Black Independent Tee + Silver belt- Hill Road
Doggie hair pin- Beauty Center
Black Beads- Juhu Beach
Braided bracelet- Ebay
Shaded Sunnies- United Colours of Benetton
Polka dotted flip flops- Abercrombie and Fitch
Peace smiley tote bag in neon yellow - Exhibition in Alibaug

Photographs courtesy- Altaf Shaikh


  1. Very jealous! As im reading this post its started thundering and lightning outside!

    Rianna xx